Myths About Web Hosting Reviews

This is our first blog post, and I want it to be informational and helpful for everyone. The search for web hosting reviews starts when you need to establish your online presence with a website or blog and most of the beginners look for helping material and guidance before choosing a web host. It is quite ironic that when you are searching for a good web host you will come across same results over and over again. You are searching on a Google “Best Web Hosts” “Top Web Hosts” “Top Ten Web Hosts”, all are the same results, and you will find and think that these are the top web hosts, and these are marketing leaders. Ignoring all the facts that how fast their servers and how quick their customer support is.

Web Hosting Reviews

I had the similar dilemma when I decided to start my internet career four years ago. I have learned and gained experience while making some foolish decisions and following the web hosting reviews. In start, you might be looking for a web hosting that meets your budget. You don’t want to spend extra bucks in expensive web hosting. It is crucial to choose a web host wisely because when your blog or website is down, running slow, and no quick customer support, it is very frustrating.

Most of the web hosting reviews are not honest opinions for beginners. Some companies send out their representatives to review about their company on different reviews websites and forums. You might see someone promoting their company in forums. Another reason for the top ranking is high affiliate commissions (it is good to buy via the affiliate link because some people are working hard for their valued readers). Most of the top companies have years of experience, and they don’t have serious problems. You can never trust a machine! Web hosting is running on normal computers and requires ram and hard disks. There are cases in which devices malfunction causing your website to go down. However, good web hosting companies do timely maintenance and have big backups.

It is best to personally try their customer support and observe their behaviour and happy to help attitude. You can easily differentiate between good web host from their customer support representatives, waiting time, and their attitude. Choose a web host wisely make a list in your mind what you need; personal blog, website, e-commerce store, network of websites or just simple email hosting. Remember I made a mistake when I stepped into this field and selected a web host with cheap prices and later my requirements grow. I needed more domains to be hosted and a full network of blogs. I cannot upgrade to the multiple domain hosting account because it was too expensive and ultimately again I switched to an affordable web host. Remember usually cheap web hosting over sell their servers, which cause your websites run like a snail. Finally I am settled with a web host with flexible pricing and always ready to help when I need. I would recommend Site5, you can try out their customer support and ask as many questions you like.

Last Words

Before making a final decision it is always worth reading out every web host Terms of Service or Disclaimer. Sometimes customers make complaints and are not happy with the companies because they never read the TOS or Disclaimer. It is handy to come fully loaded with questions and don’t be shy to ask as many questions you like because everyone was once a newbie. I would recommend choosing any web host with years in business and good rankings in most of the review websites is a good choice. Even if you found a bad review about a web host, it does not mean it happens all the time. Even a best or top web host can be a worst nightmare.

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  • Kimberli Puotinen says:

    It’s remarkable to think about just what hosting looked like ten years ago. Services ended up really expensive, most people purchased little space and bandwidth plus assistance had been on average basically U . s . company hrs. This day and age you are purchasing unrestricted quotas for just a few dollars a month with 24/7 help and support.

  • Faisal Qureshi says:

    Yeah exactly, hosting was the biggest hurdle which people used to face and now everything looks so smooth in life due to such web hosting companies for whom reviews are published on this website.


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