How to Find a Best Web Host, Ten Tips For Newbies

Finding a new web host is a very difficult task, especially when you have too many choices. You may come across one web host over and over again from different review websites. And mostly people make a decision on low prices and big discount. Remember that it is better to choose a reliable expensive web host than a bad cheap web host. We have compiled a list of few useful tips that you should consider before buying a web host.

1. Check Your Needs

First of all, you need to decide what type of web hosting you need and what your requirements are. Ask yourself few questions regarding your budget, type of web hosting, multiple domain hosting or single domain hosting, or a dedicated hosting for a big e-commerce website. You can afterwards look for web hosts who meet your criteria.

2. Research Online

Before you make your final decision over one web host, it is recommended to do your research for few minutes. Look for history of web host and check if they are working under a different name because many web hosts are owned and operated by the same company. If there is any bad reputation for a web host, consider other web hosting companies.

3. Friend Recommendations

Ask your friends and family for some recommendations because they might have some good or bad experience with any web hosting that you are choosing. It is a best way to choose a web host because friends can recommend the web host they are using.

4. Check Customer Support

It is very crucial when choosing a web host because everyone needs 24×7 customer services. Your web host should provide technical services on call or by live support. It is very frustrating sometime when you need immediate support, and they create a ticket and you get a reply after some hours.

5. Check Reliability

Most of the web hosts claim that they provide 99.9% reliability. Search for any incidence that they might have faced problems or failed to fulfil the commitment. Usually it is normal to have down times for few minutes, but when it is always you should consider another web hosting company.

6. Server Speed

It is also very important to check the server speed of every web host. You can ask their customer support if they can provide some download link to check their server speed. Another way to test their server speed from your location is by ping. Open your command by going to run>type in CMD> type ping and check the number averaging about 80 is good and over 100 is considered bad. Furthermore, question their customer support which processors they are using. If they are using latest technology, then they are a good web host.

7. Server Location

It is not important, but it is always worth buying a web host located in your country. For example, if you have a domain name with, it should be hosted with a UK web host. Some web hosts also provide you the option of choosing a location and Site5 Web Hosting allows you to choose from six different locations. You can choose the location which provides you the fastest speed.

8. Avoid Overselling Web Hosts

Keep an eye on those web hosts who oversell their servers. It affects your website loading speed badly and sometimes your website run like a snail. These days’ websites with lighting fast browsing speed are more famous.

9. Make a Final List

Make a final list of top three web hosts that you have picked. They should offer the flexible services and meet all your requirements. Choose the web host with best customer support and compare their customer support with each other. You can note down small features, price differences and prompt customer support.

10. Coupon Codes

Now you have decided your web host and ready to purchase. It is wise to ask their customer support, whether they provide any coupon codes before purchasing. Usually every web host offers good discounts to new customers. You can also search on the web for latest discount coupons. Sometimes you may get even up to 50% off on their packages.

These are few useful tips we have compiled for our readers, and if you wish to add more you can comment. We would love to read your useful tips on choosing a best web host.

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