Crazy Web Hosting Review on Go Daddy Sold for $2.5 Billion

As most of us know about Godaddy which is known to be one of the famous web hosting Scottsdale, Arizona-based company on the World Wide Web and one of the largest domain providers. GoDaddy is the subsidiary of Go Daddy Group, Inc. offers its most of the shares of $2.5 billion to private equity based firms which makes my eyes come out.

Several reports and web hosting reviews claimed that KKR & Company, Technology Crossover and Silver Lake Partners are one of the luckiest Ventures to buy such a versatile company to grow their routes in the market.



Go Daddy and its Acquisition

In marketing, marketers must have heard the term “Customer is king”, Godaddy depicts bestGoDaddy Hosting Sold example of it as it has over 9.4 million clients affiliated with its web hosting services. It made me scratching my head to know the exact reason why this acquisition took place as it accommodates over 48 Million domains. Unluckily, this big fish tells the story of losses and an upward growth in previous fiscal year.

It starts with the fact that GoDaddy is known as one of the big powers in web hosting world which cannot be shaken from its place, however anything can happen. I was going through the webhosting reviews and came across the sales figure of Godaddy, I perceived it as a rumour but in reality a big transaction already been occurred under my nose. As I was in this shock, another chief transaction broke out in the news when Blue host was purchased by Endurance International Group. On most web hosting reviews Go Daddy’s’ Acquisition is a hot discussion topic.

Claiming Awards & Achievements

In 2009 calendar year “Best Registrar” title was given to GoDaddy consecutively for four years. In Business Ethics Awards 2010 Go daddy was one of the three qualifiers. I was quiet surprised to know that GoDaddy is a big fish in awards too but who will be the successor of those awards and achievements. Its commercials are well known like Super Bowl commercials, edgy advertising and known famous celebrities like Candice of WWE was brand ambassador of Go Daddy. So it is still unclear about these awards to me but it’s for sure it will remain be the identity of Godaddy.

Predicting Future of Go DaddyGoDaddy Future

When someone has invested in stock exchange he / she keeps a hawk eye look on the stocks of the company prevailing in the market, similarly KKR has also been keeping an eye on GoDaddy’s clients and sales due to which they took decision to take over the giant which I think has secured future of Godaddy as the sales were decreasing and were bit worried about the future. Users’ most concern is about the content of the website and domain name. Bob the executive chairman of Go Daddy is working for the company and still he plays a crucial role in web hosting business. Clients should not worry and be chilled as ice.

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